About us

A Few Words

At Pontem Data, we are driven by a commitment to redefine the healthcare experience. As pioneers in integrated technology solutions, we empower healthcare professionals and organisations to deliver optimal care with a blend of innovation, digitisation, and compassion. Our journey is fueled by a vision of transforming patient experience and outcomes, streamlining processes, and ushering in a new era of healthcare excellence.   

Our experience at Pontem comes from working with digitisation in Danish and UK health care for several years – in particular implementing and continually improving the Epic EPR solution at several UK and Danish healthcare organizations.

With a focus on efficiency, accessibility, and cutting-edge solutions, Pontem Data is dedicated to shaping a future where healthcare is not just a service but a seamless and compassionate journey for all. Join us on this transformative path as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare innovation. 

Introduction of Sara, CEO and Co-owner:

I’m dedicated to improving healthcare by finding new solutions that benefit patients and at the same time creates the best possible conditions for the healthcare professionals to do what they are best at. We have been talking about working smarter, not harder for many years. In my opinion virtual care, treatment, and prevention are directly linked to that ambition, while improving patient satisfaction at the same time. 

With a background as a program manager and senior management consultant, I have strong experience in driving implementation and transformation within the public healthcare. When integrated solutions and implementation work hand in hand, clinical leaders get a stepstone to start transforming.  

Introduction of Kim, Founder and Co-owner:

Supporting clinical leaders to drive change through healthcare IT has been my focus for the past almost 10 years as part of the public healthcare system in the Capital Region of Denmark. My responsibilities have been IT development and implementation at a strategic level. With this knowledge and experience I now want to offer integrated solutions between healthcare and IT. I have learned (also the hard way) that technology must be integrated in the normal workflow and into the main IT systems to create sustainable and scalable value. Therefore, all solutions at Pontem are integrated from the beginning and not as something to hope for in the future. INTEGRATION and IMPLEMENTATION are the keywords to support transformation in healthcare.  

Strongest technical team

We have focused on a small but important technical niche: Integrating devices and healthcare technology into EHRs and care systems. Our technical team is at the forefront of developing scalable and generic implementation engines so the bridge between your main IT-system and the desired technology becomes reality. No extra applications. No extra dash boards. When relevant data and decision support melts into workflow and routines, we have done our job.  

Introduction of David, Managing Director, UK and CO-OWNER:

I’m passionate about patient-centred integrated care enabled by integrated EPR and virtual care platforms. With experience from more than 40 years working in health IT in the UK, US, Singapore and Ireland, I have a proven track record in change management for large-scale digitally-enabled healthcare transformation programmes.

I was the first CIO of the NHS in London and contributed to NHS digitisation as former head of PWC’s Health IT practice in England and as programme director of several UK Epic implementations. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Health and Social Care Management and Chair of its Digital Special Interest Group.